Working with real estate agent – understand the rules

Working with real estate agent – understand the rules

Real estate agents are forthcoming and love working with people, but from time to time, some people just cross the line. If you want to have friendly and trustworthy relation with your real estate agent follow these steps.


Understand how real estate agent works

Very few of them work on a salary. The vast majority of them receives their salary through a commission. For instance, if an agent doesn’t close a deal, he won’t get paid. You must understand that they aren’t public servants and their services aren’t free. Do not hire him, if you don’t intend to pay him.


Be polite and follow the schedule

You should always show the common curtsey. Understand that real estate agent is often busy so don’t expect from him to drop his work to show you a house. Besides you, he has tens of clients more who he needs to honor. Also, if you set up a meeting with your real estate agent, make sure that you show up. If you are running late, at least let him know and tell him when he can expect you.

Choose a real estate agent

You need to decide if you want to work with an agent without representation, which means choosing a listing agent, or you want to hire an independent agent. If you want to contact your agent, you must schedule an interview and determine which agent suits your needs. During the interview, you must let the agent get to know you as well. Only in this way, you will have a successful business collaboration. And keep in mind, do not ever interview two agents from the same real estate company.

Don’t hire listing agent and buying agent in the same time

If you are buying a property, then listing agent won’t be a good solution for you. They are for sellers not for buyers. For example, if he shows you the property he will demand to represent you in a deal. Also, don’t expect from them to do the buying agent’s job because they won’t do it.

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