We are the real estate company headquarter in Laurel , Maryland. Our company employs 20 real estate agents together with our CEO Samantha Waggoner. She has dedicated his life to making this business a success. Majoring in economics, Samantha saw a chance in real estate world and launched his company 30 years ago.
We provide different types of services from finding good properties to our buyers to helping our clients sell their homes and premises. Also, twice a month we organize a free of charge counseling for our clients on various topics related to real estate. These short seminars have an idea to help people when they are selling or buying a property.

“The most precious thing we value in this business is the trust of our customers. Without the trust, there is no work, and without the work, there is no company. ”

If you are a reliable company, then you will get something much more than money, and that is respect. If you have satisfied customers, you have all and that is the best commercial that you will ever get. Our website has a great interface where you can contact every agent individually and find about everything you need.

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